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Interior Residential & Commercial Painting

There are many reasons to choose a professional painting company for your next interior painting project: Unique Painting Service can ensure that the paint you end up with is the exact color you wanted. The paint job is more likely to be even and exact than if you did it yourself. And, best of all, you don't have to do the painting! If all that sounds good to you, Unique Painting Service is the company to choose for interior house painting done right.

We offer the best interior painting services, no matter which area of your home needs to be painted -- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, basement, or walls or ceilings anywhere in your house.Our commitment to quality means that we only use high quality materials and equipment including the American brand Benjamin Moore, highest quality paint for the finest finishes and longest lasting. We also never use subcontractors, so you can be assured that the local interior painters we assign to your project are our own jewish employees and work to our exacting standards of quality.

Choose Unique Painting Service as your interior house painters, and you also get our guarantee: We don't get paid until you are completely satisfied with how your interior painting project turned out. There's no risk, so why wait? Call us today for a free quote!


Exterior Residential & Commercial Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is a huge undertaking. And since the quality of your paint job says so much about your home, it only makes sense to choose a company that gets the job 100% right the first time! Unique Painting company offers exterior house painting services that gives your home more curb appeal and get it noticed for all the right reasons.

Everything about our exterior house painting is designed to produce the longest-lasting, highest quality results and never use subcontractors -- only our own jewish professional painters who are well acquainted with our high standards of quality. We use high quality paints and painting supplies from well-respected vendors such as Tambur, Nirlat, Yakobi and high quality American mold & mildew-proof paint . And perhaps best of all, we don't get paid until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Choose the exterior house painters who have an eye for quality, extremely high standards and a satisfaction guarantee. Call Unique Painting Service today for a free quote on exterior painting or any of our services!


Wood Painting & Staining Service

Few things will make your wood shingle siding, deck, trim or cabinets look rich and beautiful like professional staining from Unique Painting Service. Wood staining brings out the texture of the wood’s natural grain for a beautiful finish. Unique Painting Service has earned our reputation as the “go to” painting /staining contractor when a homeowner wants top-notch work. Our interior wood trim and cabinet painting/staining is always furniture quality.

Our painting/staining process starts with helping you select exactly the right product and color. We carefully prepare your wood surface by removing old paint and sanding. We apply just enough paint/stain for the right amount of time to achieve exactly the look you want. Applying too much stain will result in an overly dark finish. Applying too little won’t bring out the richness you desire. After our painting/staining work is done and the surfaces are dry, we follow up with a protective coating if requested so that your wood will continue to look beautiful for years to come!


Crown Molding Installation & Repair

Add a Decorative Finish to Your Home’s Walls. To add both value and style to your home, consider the installation of crown molding. This is a small touch that can make a world of difference in a room—regardless of whether you are considering a colonial style or something more modern. Despite the benefits of adding it, however, it is not always an easy task.

That is why we encourage you to contact us. We are fully insured and specialize in the installation of crown molding. We can ensure it is added properly and with a finest finishes so your home looks beautiful. In addition to crown molding installation, we can also help if you are interested in painting and repairing your crown molding.

  • We Can Fix Up Existing Crown Molding
  • We can even help if you think your current crown molding could use a little love.
  • Not only can we paint and repair your current molding, but we can perform any repairs needed to make your home look its very best.






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